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Independent Interaction of Sam Wilson


Each interaction a person has with an online work should be a part of a larger story which leads them toward clear goals.

about sam

a picture of Sam Wilson I am a designer, husband, tinkerer and have been described as a goofy guy. I reside with my lovely wife and son in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have been working happily with EllisLab as Experience Crafter since December 2011. Central to my design thinking is the belief that good design is about making people happy. Sometimes happy means…free of frustration. The opportunity for you and I to improve the Web is vast.

I have worked with a lot of good people including Estee Lauder, Clinique, Aveda and others. This is my personal blog which is deprecated for promotional purposes. My work-related site is I am not Sam. I am not available for freelance but if you are a freelancer, please introduce yourself below.


My professional focus currently is freelance site design work for awesome companies. I enjoy it when someone finds my work both easy to use and inspiring visually. Please feed my inbox with anything that is on your mind. Professionally I like to:

  • Have fun
  • Create good things
  • Work with the nicest people

If you are here to inquire about freelance, please visit I am not Sam for more information.


It was important for me to do something handmade this design around so that's what you see here. The theme of "creative harvest" reinforces my use of this site as a field to grow ideas. Also it's a place to share the fruits of my labors.

The idea for the site started as a few sketches in my Moleskine notebook. I sketched the various design elements to support the theme. I commissioned the photo of the corn from Dominic Rossetti and I couldn't be happier with his work. I work on a MacBook Pro and an Asus Eee PC running Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

The layout and preparation of my scanned sketches were performed in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Flash was used in some of the interactive areas. I employed Expression Engine to manage the content and run the backend as well as some custom PHP to add some needed features. Styling was accomplished through CSS and the markup is XHTML.

I would also like to thank my family and my friends for their crucial support: Adam Martin, Collexion, Elevation Studios, Deron Sizemore, Lafe Taylor, Nabil Mouzannar, Nick Warner, Rory Arms, Rubidine, Quint Tatro and many more.


Phrays is a word game and a collaboration of mine, here are my latest sentences: