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  • Norton

    You have to eventually bring it back home. I hear you about moving closer to family. I’ve been in that situation. You realize after the fact how much you miss them.

    Wed, November 13, 2013 at 1:03am
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Hello, Pittsburgh!

For a person who was born and raised in Kentucky, Pittsburgh is exciting but also an adjustment my family and I are meeting with energetic optimism.

After a year of reminding my friends when it was again I was moving to Pittsburgh, it finally happened on July 1st, 2011. Here are my initial impressions.


Compared to the Kentucky town I hail from (Lexington), Pittsburgh is a faster paced and bigger city. Duh. Stephen Colbert wouldn’t be surprised about that. There are more conversations happening to filter out (or filter in, depending), increased traffic, and an overall elevation of stimuli. I miss some of the people I grew close to (you know who you are).


A move to Pittsburgh, besides being exciting on its own merit, was a move also closer to my wife’s family. I am very excited about this. Additionally I am focused on moving my other family to the area.


People are so nice here. Our neighbors in Bloomfield (a deeply Italian neighborhood) are instantly happy when they see how curly and sweet my son is. It’s a great feeling and maybe a convenient icebreaker to have this giggling cherub by our side. The reaction we get makes my wife and I feel extremely proud. Granted living in a more urban area inspires more vigilance and is an adjustment, but the advantages seem many: less time cooped in a car, more eyeballs looking out for us, more things for Isaac to see, and a concentration of people makes it easier to meet people outside of the typical professional circles.


Another question I got was what I’m doing for work. I’m doing two things: one is (a startup I’m doing with Quint Tatro); the other is a string of projects with Aveda. Those projects span some interaction design and a lot of JavaScript/HTML/CSS. It’s very exciting to be doing both of these things while exploring the city on foot (I work out of coffeeshops right now).

Pittsburgh (unlike Lexington) has a large number of agencies which I probably could complement really well. I like being untethered to a desk (unless it’s my own) but I admittedly miss having coworkers. We’ll see if I join an agency.


We bought a house and it’s awesome. It requires some updating which will be an opportunity to mould the home to meet our needs. Structurally it is solid. I like older homes because they are built well and have accrued personality. The neighborhood we live in is Bloomfield. It is extremely welcoming, full of character and very tight. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now. Some neighborhoods I’ve visited remind me of this song, but this area certainly isn’t one of them. Not to say there is something wrong with that. In the end people are people and places are places, what’s left is style… and there’s no accounting for that. All we can do is respect that different people need and think in different ways. So I’m excited to learn from people… their thoughts, experiences, and conditions.

Next Steps

My next goals are to adjust to parenthood in a bustling community, make friends, learn from them, learn from the city and its history, do the absolute best work I can, and generally grow into this community.

I’ll be attending the 2011 Twootenanny and just having coffee with some interesting folks. I’ll be starting some initiatives and projects which I’ll talk about later.

Site launches

I don’t do a great job of announcing the things I launch, but I launched which will be my work-oriented site for the next few years. Story Pixel will be my blog for a while longer. Eventually I wish to grow Story Pixel into a brand for iPad children books, but that’s farther down the road.