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Independent Interaction of Sam Wilson

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Uprooting, replanting

Since 2005, I have freelanced from Lexington, Kentucky with no real directive other than to do work I can be proud of. At the end of June 2011 I will be moving to a new, very different, very spirited town—Pittsburgh, the City of Steel.

Grafting lessons

In Lexington, I learned a lot of lessons about freelancing. The first lesson is to never ignore the red flags. Performing the same mistakes and expecting better results is like insanity (Einstein believed that I think). Another huge lesson is your work is the only legitimate basis for work-related pride. All the other things we like to feel proud about—talent, ideas, being better at something than someone else, having a lot of Twitter followers, awards or a fast car—are virtuous to achieve but once achieved are in the past.

Ultimately it is about the work. I personally feel as good as my last project. It is motivating and keeps me reaching higher. If I’m on top, then why climb?

So, it looks like my plan will be simple—produce a lot of results and work with the best people who will have me.


Like many seasoned freelancers, I have a T-shaped pattern to my working life. Several shallow skills at the base with a long finger of deep skills protruding from the center. This configuration seems to be the most stable for a web-related career.

And the T-shaped strategy allows me to hack out some simple ideas I have. I have big ideas and I can’t quite hack them out alone (e.g. Tot Zeens and a dozen others). Eventually I will hack them out, but baby steps.

So rather than offer everything, I will offer a few things—and be the best at those. I will define those clearly on my new site I am not Sam.

Black and Yellow!

I am not a big football guy, however I am a sucker for any sense of unity and can-do spirit. And that’s what I feel in Pittsburgh very strongly. I think specifically the neighborhood of Central Lawrenceville will be the home to many special things in the next ten years. I really look forward to embracing (and hopefully being embraced by) this community.

People like Rob de la Cretaz, Jon Dascola, and Jason Head have already confirmed that Pittsburgh is full of talented and friendly people.

And to boot I’ll be closer to my wife’s awesome family and my mother will be moving near too. Watching Isaac grow is the best experience in my life. Thanks for reading!