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Independent Interaction of Sam Wilson

Jogging (your creativity)

Approached sensibly and with discipline, running is a benefit to your bodily health, but is it even better for your ideas?

Jealousy, a friend

I will admit, I’m a very jealous person creatively. Great works both inspire me and goad me. I think that’s a good thing.

Sketches everyday

In 2010 I’ll be posting one sketch a day to Flickr. I hope you follow along and maybe even get inspired to share your sketches.

Collaborative thinking

Using my latest collaboration as an example, I cover some basic strategy for pursuing collaborations wisely.

Logos sometimes

Occasionally I enjoy some logo work. It’s nice when others enjoy that work too.


I have never placed much stock in awards but back-pats for any design work are undeniably nice to receive.

Creative Harvest

With the “Creative Harvest” version of Story Pixel, I wished to create a place to share my thoughts and to foster creative growth.