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Independent Interaction of Sam Wilson

Cintiq Heaven and Hell

I had a hell of a time finding out that there was a loose wire inside one of the two clipped panels on the back of this new Cintiq 24HD.

Hello, Pittsburgh!

For a person who was born and raised in Kentucky, Pittsburgh is exciting but also an adjustment my family and I are meeting with energetic optimism.

Uprooting, replanting

Since 2005, I have freelanced from Lexington, Kentucky with no real directive other than to do work I can be proud of. At the end of June 2011 I will be moving to a new, very different, very spirited town—Pittsburgh, the City of Steel.

Now and later

Professionally, it’s been a unpredictable exciting year; lots of changes bring several opportunities to grow.

Jogging (your creativity)

Approached sensibly and with discipline, running is a benefit to your bodily health, but is it even better for your ideas?

Epic small

If God is in the details, then heaven must be in the small creative acts. Welcome to a point of view that I call Epic Small.

Jealousy, a friend

I will admit, I’m a very jealous person creatively. Great works both inspire me and goad me. I think that’s a good thing.

What I know

Last year a young man from England wrote to ask me what advice I could offer him to grow his Web Design career. I didn’t want to say “do something else” so I wrote this.

Sketches everyday

In 2010 I’ll be posting one sketch a day to Flickr. I hope you follow along and maybe even get inspired to share your sketches.

Perfectionism, the enemy

Much like spice to food, perfectionism can either differentiate or ruin your project. Know how and when to turn it on and off.

Why I like coworking

Being an independent has its perks, but one downside is that working in isolation can dull valuable social instincts. I found an answer in coworking.

Breaking good habits

Sometimes consciously leaving your comfort zone by taking on an unexpected project is a shortcut to inspiration.