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Independent Interaction of Sam Wilson

Fruits of My Labor

Please note that my current portfolio lives at my professional face over at I am not Sam. You can reach me there or you can reach me here. I love getting mail.

I have worked extensively for the these clients:

Rubidine site

Rubidine is a couple of guys who are unbelievably capable, so I was very excited to do this project. This project was one of my most fun because the clients were very trusting and supportive during the entire process. I like to make tired genres stand out with unique graphical approaches, and I feel in that way this project was very successful.


  • Rubidine home page
  • Rubidine footer area

Personal project: sketches of 2010

I think every designer at some point resolves to sketch more. In 2010 I committed to posting one sketch per day. At the outset I thought to limit my sketching time to about thirty minutes. I discovered in the first week that most times I couldn’t stop drawing, that I had to apply some color, finish some detail. Being lost in a sketch is like being lost in a good dream… only with sketching you control when it ends!

My sketches

  • internets as tubes sketch
  • robot sketch
  • horsecrap
  • elvis sketch


With Tickerville, the goal was to produce a usable but beautiful destination which would feel different than other “trading” sites. The site has been a wild success for its owner. The site was recognized by Smashing Magazine: 30 More Excellent Blog Designs and lauded by Web Designer Wall as a “best blog design.”

Disclaimer: there have been several design updates that I did not do!

  • tickerville
  • tickerville
  • tickerville